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Traditional Old Fashioned Retro Sweets

Mrs Kibble, who really does exist, first got her passion for serving old fashioned sweets in the early 1980´s. She worked in the sweet shop which used to exist on every street corner, when everyone knew each other by name.

She opened her first old fashioned sweet shop in 2006 on Brewer Street in London, near Piccadilly Circus, with a vision to provide the sweets and service we all remember. And as a family run confectionery business specialising in old fashioned and retro sweets, Mrs Kibble soon opened a second London sweet shop located in the beautiful surroundings of St.Christopher´s Place, just off of Oxford Street.

By overwhelming requests from valued customers, Mrs Kibble now offers the same choice of confectionery and exceptional service through her online sweet shop MrsKibbles.co.uk, which opened in 2010. She continues to pride herself on traditional values and excellent service, and her reputation continues to grow on this.

We Specialise In Personalised Sweet Gifts

Mrs Kibble´s Olde Sweet Shoppe specialises in personalised sweet gifts, enabling you the customer to convey your very own special message to the recipient.

We cater for all levels of personalised sweet gifts, from a single candy jar of Rhubarb and Custard with a happy birthday message label, to large international corporate sweet orders with unique messages required for every item.

Whether you are looking for that wonderfully romantic sweet hamper, searching for the perfect personalised wedding favours, or wanting to create an entirely tailor made jar of retro sweets using our Mix Your Own Jar tool, we are sure to have something to suit your confectionery requirements.

Search our online sweet shop for the perfect gift of sweets, and you will find a host of personalised sweet gift options for that ever so special personal touch.

Mix Your Own Jar Of Sweets

Over the years in our London W1 sweet shops, our customers expressed a desire to mix their own choice of old fashioned retro sweets. It's variety and choice they were most looking for. So when we decided to create our online sweet shop we knew we had to fulfil this desire.

Our Mix Your Own Jar tool enables customers to create individually mixed candy jars from hundreds of traditional sweet varieties, including nostalgic favourites such as Black Jacks Chews, Fruit Salads and Refresher Chews, and retro chocolate sweets such as Chocolate Tools, White Mice, Fish and Chips and Chewing Nuts. The combinations are endless.

Customers add free personalised message labels to their filled sweet jars, which are then carefully wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a gift box, ready to be sent to the lucky recipient as that unique special gift.

Our Jar Lines Of Traditional Sweets

We offer a vast selection of the highest quality traditional and retro sweets from our candy jars, including boiled, foam, gummy, jelly, liquorice, sour and sugar free sweets. And we see it as our job to select the best confectionery to ensure that when you place an order with us, you can do so with confidence.

From the days of our interactions with valued customers at our London sweet shops, we understand that they often wish to purchase varieties of candy in smaller quantities. With this in mind, all of our jar line sweets, which are sold by weight, can be purchased in various quantities from as little as 100g. Our online customers receive the same levels of choice as those who visited our London sweet shops.

We value feedback from our customers and encourage you to contact us if you do not find what you are searching for. If your desired sweet is not currently in our range, but is still being produced, we will most definitely be able to obtain it on request.