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Old Fashioned Sweets You Remember?

Since we opened our first traditional old fashioned sweet shop in London´s West End, we have been asked for many different nostalgic sweets which people remember from their childhood.

When sourcing the traditional confectionery we serve from our sweet jars, we are extremely particular about the quality. There are many different makers of confectionery today, however we like to stick to the original producers to ensure that when you eat sweets from Mrs Kibble´s Olde Sweet Shoppe, you are transported back in time to the point at which you first tasted them.

Where old fashioned sweets have evolved over time and there has been an obvious change in the taste and quality of a traditional candy, we tend to exclude it from our range. This is why we exercise the “try before you buy” policy in our shops. If you feel that a traditional sweet has changed to how you remember it from your nostalgic period, you can choose another!

It´s not often that we do not stock a candy which is requested, however if we don´t have a particular old fashioned sweet (or retro sweet as they are often referred to), it is normally because it doesn´t taste the same as it used to, or the manufacturer has simply stopped producing it.

Below is a list of the most requested sweets which are sadly no longer produced. It will be constantly updated.

Texan Bars

“A man´s gotta chew, what a man´s gotta chew!” or “A mighty chew” were the slogans in the television adverts, but do you remember the candy bar?

Produced by Rowntree Macintosh in the mid 1970´s, this popular bar consisted of a hard nougat or caramel covered in chocolate. They sadly disappeared from the shelves in the mid 1980´s but returned in 2005 for a short spell.


Toffo sweets were classic individual wrapped toffees in a stick pack, which came in two varieties.

The choice was between a pack of creamy toffees, or an assortment of fruity flavoured toffees with flavours such as green apple, strawberry, banana and pineapple.

These popular sweets were introduced in the 1970´s but were unfortunately withdrawn from sale in recent years.

We remember selling these nostalgic sweets when we opened our first London sweet shop in Brewer Street, Soho.


Spangles are one of the most popular requests we get in our retro sweet shops.

They were a boiled, fruit flavoured sweet produced in the UK from the 1950´s until the 1980´s. Each sweet had its own unique shape which can only be described as a rounded square with a circular depression on each side.

The candy´s popularity started when they were introduced in the period where there was rationing. They were cleverly marketed during this time as they required only one ration point, whereas other sweets and confectionery required two.

Original Spangles contained a variety of fruit flavoured sweets including strawberry, blackcurrant, orange, pineapple, lemon and lime.

The sweets were brought back to life in 1995 but were discontinued not long after.

Nutty Bar

The Nutty bar was first produced in the 1970´s.

It was a candy bar which had a fudge centre, covered in soft caramel and then rolled in unsalted peanuts.

It was easily recognized in a sweet shop as it had a clear brown plastic wrapper with orange/yellow writing on it, which simply stated “nutty”.

Unfortunately these candy bars were not produced after the mid 1980´s.


Originally called “Opal Mints” (sister of the original “Opal Fruits” – now “Starburst”), Pacers were a white, spearmint flavoured chewy sweet, which later had three green stripes added to their design. These stripes were said to contain peppermint, for a “two mint freshness”.

The brand was discontinued in the 1980´s.

Cabana Bar

A coconut candy bar which contained cherries and was covered in milk chocolate.

This luxurious sweet was discontinued in the early 1980´s.


This luxurious sweet was produced for a short spell in the 1980´s.

They were created by the confectioner Terry´s (famous for the chocolate orange).

It was a dark chocolate pyramid filled with a mint cream, and packaged in a glossy green and gold card.

These confectionery delights were rumoured to have ceased because they were too expensive to produce for the few that adored them.

They´re advertising slogan was “Mummies and daddies love em!”

Fry´s Five Centres

Fry´s Five Centres was a very popular chocolate candy bar. It consisted of five chocolate squares filled with different fruit flavoured creamy centres. These flavours were orange, lime, vanilla, coffee and raspberry and were coloured according to their flavour.

These nostalgic bars were produced from 1934 until they were discontinued in 1992.

Golden Cup

Introduced by Mackintosh in 1967, this chocolate candy bar was very popular in its early years.

However, it´s rumoured that the sales of this confectionery classic declined and was overtaken by its rival, Cadbury´s Caramel.

This retro sweet bar was discontinued by nestle.

Amazin´ Raisin

This retro sweet bar consisted of milk and plain chocolate covered nougatine and caramel with raisins.

The popular retro bars were produced between 1971-1978.

Its advertising slogan was “It´s amazin what raisins can do, full of goodness and it´s all for you. It´s got two kinds of chocolate and caramel too, and it´s got raisins and they´re good for you”.