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Our Old Fashioned Sweet Shops In London

Mrs Kibble opened her first old fashioned sweet shop in Brewer Street in 2006, in the heart of London's busy West End. It was the first traditional sweet shop of its kind in London.

Soon after, with the amazing success of the Brewer Street sweet shop, Mrs Kibble opened her second retro sweet shop in London, in the beautiful surroundings of St. Christopher's Place, an oasis just off London's most famous bustling and busiest shopping destination, Oxford Street.

On a visit to one of Mrs Kibble's W1 traditional sweet shops, customers stepped back in time, and feasted their eyes upon a visual delight. Filled wall-to-wall with brightly coloured candy jars crammed full of all the old favourite retro sweets, the only problem was wondering what to choose from our amazing selection of sweets and confectionery gifts.

Our professional and courteous staff gave a warm welcome, and catered to customers every confectionery expectation. They weighed out specially chosen sweets by hand, leaving customers free to explore the shelves or simply take themselves on a trip down memory lane - not a pick n mix in sight.

Over the years, we listened to our customer's comments, desires and requirements, and tailored our products to meet their needs, delivering only the finest quality confectionery and retro candy available. Our outstanding customer service and excellent product quality, all within a happy, friendly environment, transported customers back in time for a truly nostalgic experience.

Through 2015/16 both our online shop and the corporate side of Mrs Kibble's Olde Sweet Shoppe continued to grow. As such we made the decision to close down our physical shops in order to focus our efforts in those expanding markets. As of August 2016 our physical shops at Brewer Street and St Christopher's Place were both closed. Photos of the shops are displayed on this page for our customers to view. We look forward to continuing to serve you all in the future from our online store.

St Christophers Place Sweet Shop

A view of our old shop at St Christopher's Place before we closed it to move online only.

Brewer Street Sweet Shop

A view of our old shop at Brewer Street before we closed it to move online only.